Yoga Taboos You Should Break

27 February 2017

We need to take a second look on that ancient system of techniques and reveal some of the main beliefs that stand in the way of a lot of people, making them doubt if yoga is right for them.


We see yoga everywhere nowadays – in ads, in magazines, websites, social networks – and it usually looks like a young blonde female, very fit and smiling. Although, the people who truly practice yoga, don’t really want to create that kind of stereotype, the pop culture is affecting the main preferences of the people who share information online. So, the more popular yoga becomes, the more visions will be connected to this word and we don’t know where this may lead us to. We need to take a second look on that ancient system of techniques and reveal some of the main beliefs that stand in the way of a lot of people, making them doubt if yoga is right for them.

Body size and age

Though yoga is mainly an inner practice, the body poses happen to be really well-known as they come natural and even the children are guessing most of them. Each pose is properly designed assisting the body to stretch and heal gently. You don’t need to be a specific body size and shape in order to practice yoga, we have so many examples online that yoga is literally for everyone. You could start at any age and practice as much as you want, of course always with the supervision of an experienced instructor. People should stop letting the body shape stopping them from starting a wonderful new thing like yoga.


Losing the flexibility with the age is due to the emotional and physical blockages of the energy in the body. We start to build a new body awareness when we take yoga classes regularly, but we definitely don’t require the new students to have any particular level of flexibility prior to starting yoga. This prevented so many people from coming to the yoga studios – they think that they need to be flexible, otherwise yoga will not be alright for them. That is so not true, yoga is helping the body to heal and the spine to keep its good shape and be able to bend. When mixed with chiropractic care, massages and other healing procedures, the natural flexibility of the body could be returned with time.

All Religions

We have the freedom to have any given belief system or religion, and we could practice yoga anyway. As yoga is not a religion, it is more like a tool that we could use to find inner peace and we could learn how to take care of our body and mind. The word “yoga” itself means union and it also unites the people despite the difference in their religions, around the idea that we need to unite the body, mind and soul in one whole being.

Healing and Yoga

Maybe in long term, yoga could really heal the body and mind of a person, but actually the yoga practice is just a part of a lifestyle. Instantly yoga could make you feel better but would not heal all of your pains. This is the reason why we often need massage or sauna several times a week, float therapy and chiropractic care are also very helpful, as they are enhancing the good effects from the yoga classes. If we really want to change the way we feel about our body and our life in general, we need to invest some time and effort in creating new healthy habits. Yoga is a very vast area of knowledge that not only could heal our body but could teach us how to develop new abilities; of course, this will be the result of dedicated and regular practice. So, my advice is not to count on the idea that some yoga classes per week could heal everything.

Meditation is hard work

This statement could not be further from the truth and yet your mind could make you believe just the opposite and not let you go into the meditative state. Actually, that relaxed and only observing state of mind is something very natural and authentic for us. Sometimes when we are very tired, we just sit and don’t think about anything, or when we are so into our favorite activity as if the time has stopped around us. Meditation is something like this, with the difference that we intentionally want to reach that state. With a teacher, meditation is very easy to do and there are many different techniques by which we could keep this condition stable.

The main purpose of the people who practice yoga, is to become a better version of themselves and the tradition survived through time to show us that we could live in harmony. This state of balance and bliss could not be created in the outside world unless it starts from the inside. Everyone who is hearing the calling of the heart to learn the ways by which we heal and live healthily, will find an interesting place to start from when coming to the yoga studio.

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Profile image Written by Olivia