Why You Should Do Yoga With Your Dog, And How To Start

17 November 2017

Most people agree that having dogs join in their owners’ yoga routines is a win-win for all parties involved. If you want to be a good dog owner you need to have fun with it, take it to walks, give it the best dog food and have some bonding 'Doga' time.

In today’s draining world filled with the pressures of everyday life, it is easy for one to feel drained and run-down. Recent studies have shown that stress, anxiety and depression are on an all time high, especially amongst young adults everywhere in the world, with the elderly also being victims of the same.

The good news is that there is a simple way of obtaining tranquility in the midst of all the madness, and that is through the practice of Yoga. This ancient practice enables people to merge their physical, mental and spiritual selves into one, therefore, becoming at peace with themselves.

Tagging your dog along can only enrich this experience further by allowing you to combine your love for yoga and for your dog into “doga”, that’s right, the bond between man and his best friend can get even stronger. Feeding your dog with the best dog food isn't enough, you should also feed them emotionally by having a relaxing Yoga session together.

This idea may seem a bit strange or complicated at first, but it’s simply encouraging dog owners to have their pets join them in their yoga sessions. Holding pets is known to reduce stress levels and is soothing to the owners, hence, their use in therapy these days.

This practice has immense benefits for both the dog and its owner. First, the dog gets a little extra quality time and attention from its owner while the owner enjoys a good work out. As this progresses, one is able to transfer the state of peace and calm that comes with yoga to his or her dog.

This happens naturally since dogs are instinctively pack animals. This allows you and your dog to bond while at the same time nourishes and replenishes your soul, mind, and body.

Since this is a journey that you will undertake with your dog, it is important that you feed it with the best dog food for it to stay in great physical shape and maintain good health.

Do I Have The Right Dog For Yoga?

By their very nature, dogs are very active animals. Most dogs enjoy jogging with their owners, chasing after cats, squirrels, and other smaller creatures and taking walks on the beach. Introducing them to Yoga is only a shakeup in their routine, one that they’re bound to love.

The best part about “doga” is the fact that the dog doesn’t need any special training whatsoever. Any and every dog should be able to join its owner in doing the exercises, though smaller dogs are generally preferable over bigger ones since they can easily be placed on one’s lap or back. Larger dogs can stay close by while you perform your yoga poses, but can also support you in the event you start tipping over. The key is not to put all your weight on the dog since it is only there to help you retain your balance.

How To Pose With Your Dog

There are numerous ways that dogs can join their owners’ routines.

  • First, is the downward position where the dog lies beneath its owner.
  • The plank position where the dog is placed directly in front of its owner or on his back if the owner happens to have strong abs.
  • In the third and probably the easiest pose, one sits in the normal cross-legged position then placing his or her hands on the dog rather than on the thighs as usual.

It is advisable to practice gentle poses near the dog so as to be mindful and to really connect with it and to prevent any injury to either the dog or its owner.

For relatively larger dogs, one can use them during stretches by having them stand at a distance where it would need a good stretch to reach them. Once you reach the dog, you can reward them with some rubbing and patting.

While most people agree that having dogs join in their owners’ yoga routines is a win-win for all parties involved, there are those who argue that Yoga is a deeply spiritual and sacred activity and that the involvement of dogs belittles its true purpose. The truth is, having a great personal relationship only makes it a great dog.

If you want to be a good dog owner you need to have fun with it, take it to walks give it the best dog food and have some bonding time. This is what we call being a dog owner.

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