5 Yoga Festivals You Shouldn't Miss in 2016

21 June 2016

A list of World's top new age and wellness festivals taking place this summer. Expect some relaxation, amazing food, great music and lots of Yoga.


International Yoga Day is just around the corner and in honour of this international event, we thought it would be a great opportunity to discover some of the most anticipated Yoga festivals taking place around the globe this summer. So, if you are looking to do something fun and different this year, check out the top 5 Yoga festivals of 2016:

1. Yoga Connects Festival

Yoga connects is a new age festival with a unique touch, taking place in Stanford Hall in Leicestershire this year. The event consists of renowned local and global Yoga teachers conducting classes everyday with a great music line up, Capoeira, Shamanic ceremonies, dancing, drumming, raving, meditation, gong baths, hot tubs, massage and pop up shops selling fashion and jewellery items. There is enough to keep you relaxed as well as entertained throughout the weekend.

This festival is not just for the grown ups, there is something for the kids too, which makes it a complete family event. There are games, workshops and many more fun things to learn for the children through Yoga, movement and art.

Dates: 14th - 17th July 2016

Location: Stanford Hall. Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 6DH

Cost: From £99

Website:  http://yogaconnects.co.uk


2. Om Yoga Show

Om Yoga show is one of the most popular Yoga events taking place in London later this year. Yoga businesses from all over the world get together here to exhibit and showcase their work. The exhibition stands are set up by small and big business owners selling fabulous range of yoga apparel, jewellery, accessories, organic food items, retreats, teacher training courses and more.

Visitors can enjoy free Yoga classes and for those looking for a bit more challenge, there will be workshops by some of the most renowned Yoga teachers in the U.K.

Dates: 21st - 23rd October 2016

Location: Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY

Cost: From £10


3. Wanderlust Yoga Festival

Wanderlust is a global event where a remarkable group of Yoga and meditation instructors, musicians, speakers and chefs come together to provide the visitors a transformational experience through their special talents. These events take place at some of world's most beautiful mountain resorts where you can expect to immerse yourself in nature, dance and other adventurous activities whilst meeting new and interesting people.

Besides Yoga and holistic classes, you can expect sunset hikes, bike excursions, trail runs and many more adventurous activities.

The wanderlust festival takes place in many locations across the United States, you can find more information about the exact dates and locations on their website (link below).

Dates: Mid June to mid September 2016

Location: Various

Cost: From $16.05

Website: http://wanderlust.com


4. Udaya Live

Udaya live is a Yoga and music festival taking place in Borovets, Bulgaria with over 40 world renowned Yoga teachers and musicians. The event will be taking place in the midst of Rila Mountains, which are apparently known as one of the most spiritually uplifting  centres in the world.

Like most Yoga festivals, Udaya live has more to offer than just Yoga and meditation. The attendees can expect hiking tours, day trips, activities for the kids and many other games and adventures such as bike tours, kayaking, paragliding, paintball and so much more.

It is expected to be the most adventurous and spiritually rejuvenating festival of the year. Find out more details below:

Dates: 18th - 22nd August 2016

Location: The Rila Hotel, 2010 Borovets Resort, Bulgaria

Cost: From €250



5. Chamonix Yoga Festival

Chamonix Yoga festival is a 3 day festival party organised by Lululemon. The event is taking place in the breathtaking Chamonix Centre. The festival is set in the midst of glorious Mont Blanc where Yogis from across the world get together to enrich and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul.

There are many heart warming activities organised for the attendees such as workshops in nutrition, Ayurveda, Qi gong and Yin Yoga, Indian philosophy, belly dancing, Yoga and meditation classes by world class instructors, energy practitioners, evening kirtan chants with DJ Taz and many more new and inspirational experiences to look forward to.

Dates: 8th - 10th July

Location: 241 Alley of Majestic, 74400 Chamonix

Cost: From €150



We hope that you are able to make the most of the recommended festivals above. Don't forget to share your stories, photos and experiences with us. We would love to hear from you. You can email your experience to us or tag @jyoti_yoga on Instagram to share your festival photos with us.

If you already have your summer all figured out and can't  make it to the events above. Here's a brief list of similar fun Yoga festivals and events taking place early next year:

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