Sri Chakra: The Ancient Instrument To Attract Love And Abundance In Your Life

12 October 2015

It is believed that Sri Chakra is a tool for attracting abundance in all areas of a person's life.


Sri Chakra is a beautiful and complex sacred geometry used in worship and meditation. It is a reflection of our journey as human beings on this planet drawn  in a 2D or 3D form. Sri Chakra is commonly used in worship in India and it is believed that is where its origin lies too. They are usually found in a place of worship or at home in the living room, or in a corner used for meditation.

It is believed that Sri Chakra is a tool for attracting abundance in all areas of a person's life. The geometrical shapes, specially in the 3D version attract energy radiations that bring healing, happiness and wealth. Its geometry consists of nine interlocked triangles around a seed centre which is a symbol for the junction point between the physical universe and its source. Putting your focus by worshiping or meditating on Sri Chakra can magically change your life and help you discover your full potential.

Sri Chakra is an antenna that attracts the energy of the cosmos in its true, powerful and pure form. Following the steps below will help you make the best use of Sri Chakra and bring about real changes in your life:

  1. It should be placed in a room which is East or North facing.
  2. It should be placed in a clean room, away from the bathroom and kitchen area.
  3. If Sri Chakra is made of metal such as copper or gold, make sure that you periodically wash it with rose water.
  4. Lighting incense can help to focus better and deepen the practice.
  5. Make sure you shower before sitting down to meditate on Sri Chakra.

Once you repeat this practice for at least 21 days, you will start to experience the magical effects this meditation can have in all areas of your life. Just sit in silence with it and empty your mind of all judgements and expectations.