Send Love to Your Colon by Tea Cleansing

14 June 2017

Alternative medicine supporters routinely look to colon cleansing as a means of detoxifying the body and promoting overall colon health. Not to be confused with an enema, which is mainly used to cleanse the lower colon by introducing water, a colon cleanse uses a large amount of water to fully flush the colon.
Sometimes, an herbal tea or other organic substance is infused with the water for extra detoxification. If you’re not sure if a colon cleanse is right for you, read up on some of these amazing benefits that a detoxifying colon cleanse can provide.

Removes Toxins

One of the biggest reasons people choose to cleanse their colon is the notion that a cleanse can remove toxins from the large and small intestines. After all, your colon collects your body waste, including good and bad bacteria. Although a cleanse will flush both good and bad bacteria, it’s still good to cleanse and refresh. A Ctrl + Alt + Delete of your colon.
Think about your drinking water and the possible contaminants in it. Or, the food you eat. Lead and mercury are found in some of our foods, and if you ingest these foods that contain these metals, it’s in your body. Though metals such as lead and mercury are not uncommon too much can be deadly. Lead and mercury are poisonous if exposed to a certain level. The less of these toxins, the better.
A colon cleanse can ensure a rejuvenation of your system.

Aid Digestion

Your small intestine is the place where broken-down food travels to be sorted into nutrients and waste. It’s basically a catch-all for everything your body doesn’t need. Over time, the toxins in your small intestine can build up, which make it less effective in sorting your food and allowing good nutrients to get absorbed into the body.
A colon cleanse ensures that your small intestine continues to function like it should, without a plethora of toxins getting in the way. Cleansing the colon can aid in a cleanse to the small intestine. A clean small intestine means better absorption of the good things in life.
Soon after a colon cleanse, many people will feel a significant change in their digestion, such as less heartburn, more regular bowels, and less upset stomachs.

Reduce Bloating

Since a detox colon cleanse is ridding your intestines and colon from harmful bacteria and toxins, you will notice less bloating after a colon cleanse. Most often, bloating is caused by the things we eat. Fatty foods, especially, can cause us to feel bloated and gassy, and eating too much in a short period of time can also give us that feeling.
If you continue to eat harmful foods, it can affect your digestive health, causing toxins and fat deposits to store in your intestines and colon. A colon cleanse can work as a detox to bring your body back to a healthy start. Just remember to start eating healthy to prevent bloating again in the future!

Increase Energy

The gut has a remarkable way of affecting your overall health. If your gut isn’t happy, it’s likely that the rest of your body won’t be, either.
Mood and energy enhancers all live in your digestive system. They help provide the brain with important signals, such as what mood to be in, how much energy to have, or getting your immune system to be ready to fight off an incoming infection. If your digestive tract is bombarded with toxins, it will work less effectively, as will these important signals.
A colon cleanse can get your digestion back on track, which will promote better moods, concentration, immunity, and energy.

Promote Healthy Weight Loss

The full intestinal tract can carry between 10 to 15 pounds of waste. A colon cleanse not only helps remove what’s in your intestinal tract at the time, but it also removes the nasty buildup that has compiled over time.
More importantly, it kicks your digestive tract into gear, which can jumpstart your metabolism. If you’ve been feeling drained of energy or too sluggish to exercise, a colon cleanse may be a great natural option to give your body the rejuvenation it needs.


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