Outdoor Yoga Classes in London

22 June 2015

Working out in the open air brings another level of openness.



On the first International Yoga Day, Reebok at Canary Wharf invited all its members and non-members to join them for an outdoor Yoga class at Canada Square Park. This was the first time I practiced Yoga outdoors in London, thanks to the gorgeous and consistent weather in the U.K. ;) (sarcasm..incase you didn't figure that already). I have to say that it was a very refreshing experience. Luckily, it didn't rain and the wether was reasonably warm so we could practice without any interruption.

I have always enjoyed workout in the open air where you can stare at the sky every time you lift up and feel the ground beneath your feet every time you bend down. An hour or more at a Yoga class usually leaves us feeling lighter and more open physically and mentally. But working out in the open, fresh air brings another level of openness. Nothing can compare the fresh, natural air to the air-conditioned rooms in the gyms and studios where we usually practice on a day to day basis.

It was such a great experience that most people spent an extra 15-20 minutes after the class just glaring at the sky. This amazing experience led me to look into and write about more outdoor classes in London which have recently come to my attention, including one on the top floor of the Shard! Here's the list:

A quick tip: If possible and available to you, always try and practice in a natural environment. This is one reason why Yoga classes on the rooftop, in the park and by the beach are so much more fun as compared to practicing in an enclosed space. Being outdoors will boost your practice by a gazillion. If it is not available to you at present then try and practice in a room with ample space and day light and without turning the air conditioning on. Open the windows and work with fresh and natural air.