Outdoor Yoga Classes in Los Angeles

03 January 2016

You don't just have the luxury to practice Yoga in a natural environment (unlike practicing in the usual air-conditioned studios and gyms) you also get to enjoy a FREE Yoga class everyday.

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If you are visiting the Golden State of California anytime soon and you happen to be in Los Angeles, then here's a fun thing to try - Outdoor Yoga classes in Runyon Canyon. You don't just have the luxury to practice Yoga in a natural environment (unlike practicing in the usual air-conditioned studios and gyms) you also get to enjoy a FREE Yoga class everyday. Having said that, it is probably a common courtesy to leave some tip in the end but of course it is completely your choice.

I highly recommend these not only because I am a big fan of the outdoors but also because you can go for a hike before or after the class. To summarise, here's why, practicing Yoga outdoors at Runyon Canyon is one of the best and most relaxing experiences you will ever have:


1. Located in Hollywood

I was actually taken by surprise when I found out about FREE yoga classes in Runyon Canyon. First and foremost, I wasn't expecting to find such a huge and  marvellous natural park just a stone throw away from where I was staying. It is situated in such a convenient location that if you are visiting L.A. you can easily include it as part of your itinerary. It is close to some of the most popular attractions of L.A. so it might be worthwhile to stretch your legs and back out here before you begin to explore the city.


2. Amazing Views of Los Angeles

One of the best parts about Runyon Canyon was that you get to see some of the most amazing views of Los Angeles. After the class, you can hike up a little and find a nice and quiet spot to meditate and enjoy the gorgeous views of the city. It truly is breath taking.


3. Hike Before or After Yoga

One of the coolest and most fun things to do at Runyon Canyon is of course hiking. You can get to the park half and hour or so before the class and hike for twenty minutes to warm up or you can go for a hike after the class if you feel fresh and energetic.

Either way, Yoga and hiking is a deadly combo and I should warn you that you might get very addicted to it.


4. Free Of Cost

If you are travelling on a budget, then instead of going to a spa, this might be a good way to get rid of all the fatigue after a long day of sight seeing. Or if you are a fitness freak and can't afford to miss a workout even on holiday, then there is no better place to go. It is fun, relaxing and will help you stay in shape even when you're away.


5. Celebs And Their Posh Dogs

Since L.A. is all about Hollywood and celebrities, don't be surprised if you bump into a familiar face while hiking in Runyon Canyon. While it is extremely unlikely that they would come to the free Yoga class, you might find some of your favourite actors walking their dogs at Runyon Canyon. Just a little extra holiday treat!


6. Amazing Instructors

The instructors who teach Yoga classes at Runyon Canyon are experienced and friendly. I attended some classes with Steve and Daniel who are really good instructors. They usually post a schedule everyday on their Facebook Page, where you can find out more information about who's teaching and at what times.


7. Ideal For Beginners

The classes are very simple and easy to follow. They are ideal for all levels from beginners to advance. The teaching style may vary from instructor to instructor but they are usually suitable for the beginners. It's all about stretching and breathing and enjoying the fresh air. All levels are welcome to these classes.


8. Yoga In Fresh Air Has More Benefits

Yoga was originally practiced in India in the natural environment. Back in the day, there were no air conditioners or central heating. Ideally, the air that goes into your lungs, specially when you are taking deep steady breaths in Yoga, should be fresh. Practicing pranayama and asanas in a park amongst the trees where you can feel the ground with your feet and see the sky everytime you look up, is a thousand times more beneficial than practicing indoors in a studio or a gym. Besides, you happen to sweat more when practicing outdoors because there is no air-conditioning and you are able to release more toxins out of your body through the sweat.


You can find more information on their website: Runyoncanyonhike.com

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