Moksha: A Fun And Unique Yoga Game For iPads

13 December 2015

Moksha is a new iPad game themed on Yoga. The objective of the game is to help the Yogi, (who plays the main character in the game) in attaining Moksha (liberation).

The gameplay is set in five beautiful scenes where the Yogi is meditating in his natural surroundings. The background music and sound effects used in Moksha compliment the theme with unique and vivid graphics.

The Slate 13 team's intention behind making Moksha was to introduce a game which is a complete relaxing experience for the gamer. A game they can play at the end of the day when they just want to relax and switch off without having to engage their energies towards completing a tough challenge of some sort.

The graphics, animations and sound effects have been created and picked in a way that will help the players to completely relax and slow down, put their feet up and just play Moksha.

For the same reason, it was a conscious decision to make the user experience as smooth as possible so that they are under no time constraints to complete a level and there are no distractions such as pop-up advertisements within the game. There are however, some in-app purchases which are independent of the gameplay. The gamers can buy some additional stones in order to enhance their experience (only if they wish to) and are under no obligation to do so.

With it's unique theme and addictive gameplay, Moksha is quickly rising to become one of the most popular Yoga themed games available to play on the iPad, specially amongst the Urban Yogis and the Spiritual Warrior types.

Moksha is available to download for iPads here: Moksha App

Here's a quick video of the gameplay along with a few screenshots below:

An Interactive Yogi



Magical water stones: 



Beautiful tropical forest: 



Rough and tough snow mountains:



Powerful fire stones: 


Download for FREE here: Moksha App

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