How to Turn Your Room Into a Zen Sanctuary

24 February 2017

To create a Zen vibe in your home, you don’t have to mimic Japanese style Zen rooms completely in order to get all the benefits. In general, stick to the relatively minimalist décor style fused with a natural theme.


These days it’s getting harder to avoid stress. It can significantly interfere with the quality of one’s lifestyle. Therefore, it’s important to realize that some things are simply out of your control. On the other hand, you have full control of your personal environment. In that respect, one of the best ways to reduce daily stress and achieve a peace of mind is coming home to a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Turning your room into a Zen sanctuary is not as difficult as it sounds. With the following tweaks, you too can effectively deal with everyday problems and boost your energy at home.

Choose soothing colors

The best choice of colors is entirely up to you. It would be wise to use those shades that inspire and soothe you. In general, softer hues are perfect when it comes to color décor. White can be too bright so if you like lighter colors, opt for beige or muted yellow. Of course, soft pastels can also work well when it comes to creating a pleasant and soothing environment. If you want to make your room resemble Zen décor style entirely, you can also opt for toned down earthy colors. This doesn’t only involve the color of your walls, but other decorative bits such as cushions, curtains, etc. If you want to play with different color palette, you can add some decorative framed prints on your walls. Basically, you should avoid overly bright and vibrant pops of color even when accessories are concerned.

Careful with accessories

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A Zen-inspired room shouldn’t have clutter. Therefore, make sure to engage in a thorough cleanup of all the bits and bobs that simply make a mess. Not only that, but your furniture layout plays an important part in reducing the influence of clutter. You don’t have to get rid of furniture pieces but if your freedom of movement is limited it would be best to rearrange them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your room should be completely plain and devoid of personality. Some of the Zen-related accessories include candles, incense burners, motivational paintings and photos, plant pots, etc. Calming music is also a big part when it comes to your complete relaxation, so a music player can also come in handy. Still, it would be best to use some interesting DIY solutions and hide all the cables that might disrupt your mindfulness.

Extra warmth and texture


Since Zen décor style advocates open, clutter-free space, you might end up with an overly cold room, which again is not really helpful for stress relief. In order to add warmth and texture to your Zen room, make sure to get yourself some comfy cushions, as well as a nice curtain and rug. These will instantly make you feel cozy and safe. Of course, as mentioned before, you can play with contrasting colors but make sure that the fabrics for cushions, curtains and rug are still soothing and soft in hue. If you wish to meditate, you’ll need a proper rug as well.

Create a reading nook


There’s nothing more special, personal and inspirational than creating your own intimate corner where you can completely lose yourself in the world of books or daydreams. In that respect, a small yet meaningful reading nook can make all the difference in your personal environment. Of course, depending on the size of your room and existing furniture, you should come up with the best possible solution and place for this room tweak. In general, don’t feel too pressured if you have small space. A couple of your favorite books, comfy chair or sofa, a nice plant and proper lighting are more than enough.

You don’t have to mimic Japanese style Zen rooms completely in order to get all the benefits from your own place. In general, stick to the relatively minimalist décor style fused with a natural theme. Use natural sunlight to the fullest and make some changes that would feel most inspirational and calm to you personally.

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