How To Decorate A Zen Room For Children

01 April 2017


Introducing your children to a Zen lifestyle early on can have tremendous benefits, and if you do choose to do so, do it visually. Kids may not be able to comprehend thoroughly what Zen is all about, but they can definitely sense its benefits in their personal environment. A really effective way to achieve this is by decorating your child's room with a Zen theme in mind. Of course, it is important to include your kids in the process, but make sure to focus your ideas around this concept of natural, simple yet motivational design.

Balance In Color Scheme

Most kids’ rooms are colorful, but when it comes to Zen, try to strive for balance with a clear natural vibe. Basically, you don’t have to sacrifice bright pops of color in your kids’ room, but don’t overdo it. In general, neutral and wood colors are perfect for walls while the furniture and accessories can bring the colorful aspect into the room. You can also reverse this concept. Avoid using murals for wall décor as well as too many posters and paintings. In general, one statement wall piece is better than covering the walls with a lot of decorative bits.


Effective Layout

The main point of Zen decorating style is plenty of space without clutter. In that respect, you shouldn’t overstuff the room with furniture or accessories. Go with a furniture layout that allows for proper freedom of movement. Still, children’s room shouldn’t be too basic. The design needs to motivate them and encourage them to engage in creative play as well. In that respect, adding a unique piece of furniture that has some connection with nature is a good option. For example, an indoor swing, a hammock and even a small tent like a cute teepee by Cattywampus can be a great source of fun. These details match the Zen theme perfectly, they don’t take up too much space and foster creativity.

Proper Storage Space

While you should try to avoid having too many accessories in Zen kids’ room, it’s a different story with toys. Of course, you should give your best in teaching a child about gratitude so that they feel naturally satisfied with things they have without asking for more. But, you will still need to deal with toys and clothes. Look for beds that have built-in storage units. Put up some shelves – kids can put their toys on display this way. Moreover, you can add additional warmth to the room by using bins and containers. Depending on the direction you take with décor, even a good old trunk can serve the purpose nicely. Also, make sure that you talk to your children about the importance of being neat and keeping their things in place for their own benefit.


Handling The Accessories

You already get that there shouldn’t be too many accessories in a Zen kids’ room, but it’s obvious that you will still have to decorate in some way. In general, matching rugs, curtains and cushions will effectively add warmth and texture. An interesting stationery can be a fun décor piece in the desk area. A statement wall piece was already mentioned as a good alternative to overly detailed walls. Of course, you can add a cool-looking wall clock and a low-maintenance plant. Make sure that you choose the plant with your child so that they find it eye-pleasing and take the time to actually care for it themselves.

Other Essentials

If you want your children’s room to be truly Zen, kids need to feel good while spending time in there. In that respect, the lighting shouldn’t be poor or overly bright. Mood lighting is a great solution for creating a Zen atmosphere. If you can’t change up your lighting solutions, make sure that the bulbs don’t emit really bright light that can strain the eyes. Also, the air in the room needs to be fresh. You can’t have your child suffering from allergies and other similar issues due to poor ventilation. Therefore, make sure to open up the windows frequently and consider installing an air purifier.

You will definitely enjoy the process of decorating your kids’ room in Zen manner, but don’t ignore their wishes and requests. What makes an environment truly inspirational and Zen is the rewarding feeling of having your own space reflect your personality and interests.

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