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08 May 2015

Have an upcoming workshop or retreat that you'd like to advertise and reach a wider audience? Contact us to promote your next event on Jyoti Yoga by emailing We also accept enquiries for product/brand and brand promotion. See the price breakdown below:

Price Break Down

See the table below for advertisement options and price breakdown, also read our Advertising Terms and Conditions. Please note that the prices below are inclusive of social media and other marketing channels that we use to connect with our fans and followers.

Type Description Duration Primary position* Displayed Cost**
£ $
Article Sponsored Article in any category 1 Year - Lifetime Subject to change Home and related categories £50 $60 €55
Banner Home Page Billboard 30 days See example on Home page Home £150 $185 €170
Banner Side Banner 1 30 days See example on this page All pages £100 $120 €115
Banner Side Banner 2 30 days See example on this page All pages £75 $90 €85
Banner Side Banner 3 30 days See example on this page All pages £50 $60 €55

Please get in touch with the option that suits your need and we will be happy to discuss further. We consider each request individually and are happy to negotiate upon request.

Articles automatically shifts from the top position to the bottom as more articles are added and so there is no guarantee that they will always remain on the top position. However, the Featured articles always remain on the top.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Advertising Terms & Conditions

Please, read carefully.


  1. Publishing on Jyoti Yoga
  2. HTML Requirements
  3. Sponsored Articles
  4. Featured Sponsored Articles
  5. Banners
  6. Discounts

1. Publishing on Jyoti Yoga

  1. Once we receive your article (html or text form) with all the content (including images), it will be reviewed.
  2. Due to the nature of our website and with the intention of making it unique for our visitors, we reserve the right to reject any articles which we think are not inline with our website’s intention. We strongly believe in quality rather than quantity.
  3. Once approved, it will be published on a temporary preview link where the advertiser can view the article as it would appear on the live website.
  4. At this point, we will send the advertiser an invoice with payment details.
  5. Once we have received your payment with the agreed amount, the article will be published.
  6. We might share published article across our social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. We have the right to refuse this option.

2. HTML Requirements

  1. Title tag, max 65 characters, this will also be the h1 tag.
  2. Description Meta tag, max 156 characters.
  3. Content - article can be provided in HTML5 or standard Word document with proper formatting:

    • HTML5 - use bold, italics, h2 - h6, article can be in columns.
    • Word - use bold, italics, subheadings.
  4. You may include at least 1 high resolution image which will be included in the article if it is appropriate.
  5. All external links must contain rel="nofollow". Jyoti Yoga doesn't participate in any link building/exchange schemas.
  6. We will not publish any Stock images.

3. Sponsored Articles

  • The article will remain on the website for 1 year, after which it will be reviewed. Depending on the result from the review, it may stay on the website for another year or may be removed depending on the advertiser’s choice.
  • The article automatically shifts from the top position to the bottom as more news is added.
  • The article might eventually disappear from the list but will be still available through the original link.
  • The article must link only to one external website.
  • Sponsored articles are intended to be short. Please make sure that it is no less than 300 words and no more than 800.
  • Accompany news articles with high resolution images.
  • New articles automatically appear on Home page and its correspondent parent page as a preview and link to the full article. See Displayed column in the table above.

4. Featured Retreat & Workshop Announcements (Sponsored)

  • Same as Sponsored Articles.
  • Article will be tagged as Featured and will remain on the top position of the page for 30 days (ordered by date if there are more featured articles).

5. Banners

See examples on this page and also price break down.

6. Discounts

Discounts apply to long term partnerships and clients who have been with us for a year or more.