12 Incredible Cold Shower Benefits You Didn't Know About

12 September 2016

Read below for some incredible cold shower benefits and why you should consider making it a part of your daily routine.


Taking a shower is no doubt the most calming, refreshing and energizing part of the day. This simple but essential grooming activity not only enables you to clean yourself up, but it also allows you to sort things out in your mind and mentally prepare for the day.

Taking a shower also allows you to just be with yourself and think of happy thoughts; thus, it can be considered as your daily “me-time”, even if it is just for a bit.

When we think of showers, what we usually have in mind is calm and relaxing hot showers. However, have you ever been brave enough to take a cold shower?

At first, you might find the whole idea crazy. Of course, why take a cold shower when you can have a hot one? However, what if I tell you that taking a cold shower can have tremendous health benefits.

In this article, we will share with you all the great benefits of taking a cold shower and why you should consider making it a part of your daily routine:

1. Helps to regulate the body temperature

Taking a cold shower helps in regulating the body’s temperature by lowering the probability of heat loss. You might feel chilly at first, but as you practice it over time, the body adapts to it and will make you feel warmer. Eventually, as you get used to it, the cold will stop bothering you.

2. Improves blood circulation

Taking cold showers makes an impact inside the body which causes blood to circulate well and efficiently. Once you are exposed to cold temperature, the body makes an effort in letting blood flow in different vital organs. Hence, a simple act of taking a cold shower daily keeps the body’s organs operating and functioning well, as they are supplied with the right amount of blood.

3. Makes you feel energized and refreshed

Do you know that taking a cold shower is a highly effective way to energize and keep you up? As the cold water reaches the body’s surface, the nerve endings of our skin are ‘activated’ and breathing becomes faster. This helps to wake up the nervous system. It pretty much works like coffee, only healthier and better for the body.

Thus, aside from making you feel energized and refreshed, taking cold showers will also wake you up. It is a great way to help you become an early riser if you struggle to wake up in the morning. All you have to do is jump into the cold shower as soon as you wake up and you won’t even think about crawling back into bed again.

4. Improves breathing

Taking a cold shower aids in proper breathing, because it automatically enables you to pause your breathing as soon as you feel the cold and chilly water on your body, and then forces you to take deep sudden breaths. These first few accidental deep breath, increase the lung capacity and improve our breathing. Therefore, cold showers aid in opening our lungs, which then brings more oxygen to the body.

5. Relieves stress and depression

According to research, taking cold showers or simply exposing yourself to cold temperature keeps the body tolerant to stress. In addition, taking cold showers helps relieve depression because the peripheral nerve endings send electrical impulses to the brain, which leads to an anti-depressive outcome.

6. Cures insomnia and helps to get better sleep

Since taking cold showers make the body experience an initial shock, it enables the body to work rapidly for a moment. However, as soon as you overcome the initial shock, the body starts to calm down and relax. This process can help you sleep and rest well.

7.Makes the immune system stronger

According to recent studies, taking cold showers helps improve the body’s metabolism due to the activation it causes on the immune system. Thus, this helps in making the immune system stronger and tolerant to cold temperature.

In some countries, it is a common practice for children to take cold showers or be exposed in cold temperature, since it is an effective way to make them flu-free and make their immune system stronger.

8. Keeps the lymphatic system in great function

Our body’s lymphatic system is responsible for taking away the cells’ waste, which then enables us to fight diseases better. Taking cold showers, creates a positive impact in the body’s lymphatic system because it allows for regular transport of lymph fluids all over the body, helping to maintain its great function.

9. Aids in fat loss

Once the body is exposed to cold temperature, it finds a way to keep us warm again. However, to keep us warm, the body uses more energy than usual. In taking cold showers, our body processes more energy which then helps in burning fat as well as in boosting the body’s metabolism.

10. Increases male fertility

According to research, taking cold showers makes a man’s testosterone levels higher. An increased level of testosterone not only boosts male fertility but also increases the strength and energy level.

The male reproductive organs are meant to stay cool and avoid getting too hot as it decreases the sperm count. Therefore, while cold showers may not change things drastically (if you have other reproductive issues), they will certainly help in the process.

11. Helps reduce inflammations

Taking cold showers helps in reducing inflammations by narrowing the veins and removing blood toxins. In addition, taking cold showers are known to help in providing the body with fresh and healthy blood, which also helps in muscle and tendon repair.

12. Keeps the skin and hair healthy

Taking cold showers helps in making the skin look healthy and smooth. Just like a warm towel treatment opens up the facial pores and allows the face mask to work better, a cold shower does the opposite and makes the skin shinier and glowing by closing the pores and cuticles. A combination of both can greatly help in rejuvenating the skin. In addition, cold shower also helps in making the hair soft and shiny.

With these overall health benefits of taking a cold shower, it is definitely worth a try! Small adjustments to your lifestyle like these can have tremendous long term benefits. So, start taking cold showers today and enjoy a healthier and better you.





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