About Jyoti Yoga


Jyoti Yoga is a yoga and wellbeing blog which promotes a lifestyle based along the principles of Yoga. Through this blog, I get to share with you my own unique Yoga journey by spreading a little wisdom, some health tips and fun yoga stories. I am also lucky to have help from many other health and fitness bloggers who contribute on a regular basis and share their knowledge and wisdom to help our readers live a better and healthier life.

Along with covering basics of Yoga practice and philosophy, the blog covers a range of topics such as vegan and vegetarian recipesmy favourite yoga studios in Londonfavourite Yoga products (mats, teas, natural fragrances, accessories) best restaurants serving organic vegetarian food in Londonbest Yoga booksmusic for relaxation and yoga practicemeditation tipspopular Yoga events across the world and the list goes on. Basically, anything that you can think of that relates to Yoga, will pretty much be covered here.

A little history on Jyoti Yoga, 'Jyoti' is a sanskrit word that means light, and I thought it would be a perfect name for the blog as it also happens to be my mother's name. I first started blogging during my Yoga teacher training back in 2012. I was travelling a lot at the time and needed a way to stay on top of things. So, this blog served as a positive pressure to help me keep my practice strong and disciplined no matter where and how busy I was. So, here we are all these later and the blog has only grown and developed into a bigger and better platform for all those who love Yoga or are interested in learning more about it.

I also contribute to Huffington Post every now and then along with some other niche lifestyle blogs and it has been a great joy so far. The purpose of this blog or any of my publications is to encourage and inspire to live a grounded and healthy life. Therefore, I invite people to participate and get involvedask questionssend your own spiritual experiences and storiesshare your knowledge and lifestyle tips that can help others live an uplifted life too.

Lastly, I am a lover of words. Words mean everything to me and the correct usage can make or break things. Which is why, I decided to add some hand lettered art pieces to the shop. These artworks are made to send out an uplifting message and create a positive vibe in your personal space. Moreover, they serve as a great gift for your loved ones. These pieces are unique and will add style and oomph to your personal space.

Lastly, I hope that you take something positive from this blog every time you visit and that you live your own truth and reality with strength and grace. If you would like to stay up to date and receive some positive vibes once a month in your inbox then don't forget to subscribe.