Moksha: A Fun And Unique Yoga Game For iPads

Moksha is a new iPad game themed on Yoga. The objective of the game..

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January 13

How To Set Up A Home Yoga Studio

Make practicing Yoga a daily ritual with tips on how to set up a home yoga studio and create a peaceful atmosphere in your home and life, written by Interior Designer Emma Joyce.

Yoga Postures
January 02

Yoga Poses Every Runner Should Do For Better Performance

A regular Yoga routine is good for runners as it releases the tight spots that running can create, and helps to develop deeper core strength which will keep you safe while running. Read more on what our expert guest blogger, Emily Carter has to say on this subject.

Health Tips
November 17

Like A Fig

Who turns bitterness to love? Who changes the poisonous snake around your neck to pearls?.. Rumi

Health Tips
October 31

Meditation to Attract Love and Abundance

Meditating on the mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum' can bring love and abundance in all areas of your life. Read about more benefits and effects of this mantra below, along with a video link for practice.

October 25

The Canonization

An inspirational poem by John Donne emphasising on the purity and power of strong spiritual love between him and his beloved.

Health Tips
Yoga Postures
July 15

Listening is Loving

By listening without judgement and using our innate intelligence to make decisions, we can create better situations and solutions for everyone.

Vegetarian Recipes
June 30

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